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Enjoy the beautiful surroundings during your trip to Bergfsjord

Directions to Loppa Seafishing:

You will start by plane to Alta and from there it is about a 2 hour drive to Øksfjord . You can choose to take the local bus (luxurious touringcar) or a (rental) car. From Øksfjord you take the ferry to Bergsfjord. This village can only be reached by ferry and the trip takes about 1.4 hours from Oksjord. After your arrival in Bergsfjord we will come and pick you up in person!

The way back is reversed – you will arrive at Alta airport at about 12:00. This makes it possible to take a flight that leaves from Alta at the beginning of the afternoon.

We are happy to help you book your trip to Bergsfjord. During the trip you can always call us if you need further advice.

See you soon in Bergsfjord!


Flight to Alta airport

The first step is to take a flight to Alta airport

Bustrip to Øksfjord

The next step is to take the bus to Øksfjord

Ferry to Bergsfjord

as last take the Ferry to Bergsfjord

1 - Airport Alta:

When you arrive from the plane in the arrival hall, there are some shops where you can buy sandwiches for the next part of your trip. (If you go through the door towards the luggage hall, there is no possibility to do so until you are on the boat). You obtain your luggage from the belt, afterwards you’ll take the bus to Øksfjord .

2 - Bus to Øksfjord:

The airport of Alta is small and the bus to Øksfjord stops directly (15 m) to the left of the exit of the arrival hall and about 20 m from the baggage claim. This cannot go wrong and you do not have to carry your luggage far.

The bus to Øksfjord (201) leaves at 16:10 and stops before the exit of the arrival hall. The digital sign with the bus info is located at the exit. The bus will take you to the quay for the ferry to Bergsfjord. Very easy, comfortable and economical and more than enough room for all your luggage. When booking you flight, please note that you will arrive at Alta airport around 14:00 and 15:00, so you will always have enough time to receive your luggage and to get on the bus. The bus trip to Alta -> Øksfjord costs 256 NOK per person and can be paid on the spot with credit card or NOK.

3 - Ferry to Bergsfjord:

The ferry to Bergsfjord leaves at around 18.45 from Øksfjord . The bus will take you here. There are 2 boat options: the ferry (large boat) that can be used by cars and the hurtigbat (small boat) that cannot used by cars. The boat trip takes about an hour, and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There is also a canteen on the boat for small snacks. Upon arrival in Bergsfjord, we will pick you up from the boat to show you your accommodation. The ferry costs 80 NOK p.p. and 360 NOK for 1 car with 1 person. This is for a single trip, and the amount will need to be paid straight away, it is possible to pay with credit card.

4 - Loppa Seafishing Bus

We will personally pick you up from the ferry with the Loppa Seafishing bus. Live your big fishing dream!

(New) Helicopter from Alta to Bergsfjord:

New at Loppa Seafishing! Make a helicopter flight from Alta to Bergsfjord. A fantastic, comfortable experience that will be one of the most memorable parts of your journey to Norway, while cutting down on your total travelling time. Enquire today about the possibilities!

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