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Tv Hostess Marco Kraal & Nathalie van den Berg visit us to catch the Big Game from Norway.

Marco Kraal & Nathalie van den Berg(known dutch television fishing personalities) visited Loppa Seafishing for a week in september. They shot 5 Vlogs!  Watch the vlogs here !

Daniel Weijers & Tamme Smit!

We had an unforgettable fishing week in Bergsfjord at Loppa Seafishing. 5 days we were out at sea. One day we joined an experienced local fisher to experience how the real pros fish. Very interesting to see how older techniques work very well. He also helped us to locate fishing spots and to read the waters.

4 out of the 5 days we fished on our own and 25 halibut saw the inside of our boat. Most  halibut we caught casting bait, and using Westin Sandy Andy baitfish and other long shads (10-12 cm). Natural bait worked very good as well.  Cod and Coalfish were so plentifull that you could ‘walk stepping on their heads all the way to the shore’, and the fishfinder was fully colored with fish. 5 hooks and 5 fish at the same time. every thing seems to be possible !

Cor and Patricia are the perfect host and hostess. They arranged everything to our full satisfaction. The house was perfect and the boat is a beast of a machine , with 150 hp en more than enough fishing space for 6. The boat can easily handle windforce 4/5 on the open sea. The great advantage of Bergsfjord is that you can fish almost always, even with bad weather circumstances. Bergsfjord is situated amongst  mountains protecting you from winds and there are always good fishing spots with calmer water to be found. Two days it was not possible to fish out at sea because of the wind, we stayed in the fjords and caught excellent fish here aswell.

Besides fishing there is enough to do out here, the village is situated under a glacier, and there is a large fresh water lake, where you can swim in the summer. De environment is good for hiking. Ask Cor for a round of clay shooting or a quad drive, in short a top location which I will visit more often! Thanks Jaap and Hubert for the invitation and see you next year !


We are on our way back to the Netherlands. An elaborate report of this journey will appear in the January issue of Beet/Rovers.  An incredible experience, in the rough but oh so beautiful Bergsfjord , with Cornelis de Wilde and Patricia de Wilde of Loppa Seafishing. We were able to fish all of the days. Also during more windy days we still were able to keep fishing.

For example we caught the most halibut only 15 minutes from the house. We had a very good boat, 6,60 m long and 2.70 m wide and an engine of 150 hp. The boat behaved exemplary on the water and the extra width makes it a very stable fishing platform.  Three men fishing at the same side of the boat was no problem whatsoever for this lady.  The boats are being build and maintained by Cornelis himself. And this is being noticed ! Stable, perfectly maintained and very comfortable because of the cabin, in which you nicely sit when the rain, wind and hail was a bit too much. All in all a super spot, location, owners, boat and house.

The Loppa en Bergsfjord area has more than enough fishing opportunities. During this journey we caught oa. ; 21 halibut up to 108 cm, cod up to 110 cm. The monster coalfish of Michel measured pollack 115 cm.  Lom, redfish caught aswell, Sea eagles, fox, whales spotted. Norway thanks a lot and see you next year !!!!!

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