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Wildeboat 650 XW S with 150PK

Loppa Seafishing works exclusively with the Wildeboat 650 XW S. This is the latest model from the Bergsfjord-based shipyard Wilde Slipp. A boat specially developed for fishing in the waters around Loppa and Scandinavia. The fishing boats are of a high standard and are 6.7 meters long. They are made by the owner on his own shipyard. The fishing boats are very popular due to their wide and spacious design. The abbreviation XW stands for “extra wide”. The boat is no less than 2.7 meters wide. This makes it much more stable than regular boats.

Seaworthiness and manageability

Its great seaworthiness and appropriate dimensions make this boat ideal for groups of 4 or 5 people. The ease and manoeuvrability makes that you can easily handle it. Moreover, everyone has more than enough space and the boat is easy to steer.

Stable work platform

The boat forms a quiet work platform from where you can fish and move without disturbing the crew. Due to its design, rolling, stamping and moving while stationary in the middle of the sea is kept to a minimum. You will be pleasantly surprised by the peace and ease!

The cabin and engine

The Wildeboat 650 is equipped with a lockable cabin where 5 people can take place. The equipment and luggage can also be dry stored. Our Wildeboat 650 XW S is equipped with a 150 HP YAMAHA/HONDA engine. The power, speed (max. 70 km per hour), peace and reliability of this boat makes it ideal for sea fishing.


All boats are equipped with life jackets, fishing rod holders, newest fish finder, depth gauge, tracking system, and emergency arrows. The boat has AIS.